Expertly Group Project Management

Project Management

The Best in Project Support

  • Directly assist in all management responsibilities, including general operations for the Directors/Managers
  • Set agendas and manage meetings and serve as liaison between Directors/Managers
  • Provide timely advice or key updates on critical projects, or issues requiring the Directors/Managers’ attention
  • Manage, facilitate and organise projects/issues that are priorities for the Directors/Managers’ consideration and resolve as a team
  • Ensure communication with key stakeholders is timely co-ordinated with effective delivery.

  • Develop and oversee presentations on behalf of the Directors/Managers for both internal and external meetings
  • Ensure all information is treated confidentially
  • Manage and co-ordinate strategic initiative reporting updates
  • Research, compile, analyse and summarise data for special projects and/or reports
  • Plan and direct all administrative, financial and operational activities for the organisation
  • Act as a point of contact between top management and employees or other stakeholders.
It’s like having your own in-house Project Manager – there when you need them but with none of the disadvantages

Our Outsourced Project Manager

Kate Gardner - Director Expertly Group

Kate Gardner

BA (Hons) Econ

Kate’s strong work ethic and corporate outlook
has been helping grow and transform businesses….

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